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2017 Granollers Cup: Handball is live in Granollers

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Granollers Cup 2017 estadium

If there’s a city where they are passionate about handball, it is definitely Granollers: its club, actually renamed after Fraikin BM Granollers, is one of most historic clubs of the Asobal League with its 10 títles, as well as the other international championships and trophies it boasts. And a good evidence of this passion is the 2017 Granollers Cup: a handball tournament which takes place from June 28th to July 2nd and which gets better each year with regard to the sporting and organizational level. In this post, we’ll give you a quick overview of what this edition will be and of the things you can do in this city.

What is the Granollers Cup 2017?

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The Granollers Cup 2017 is an international handball tournament which has been held since 1999 and is aimed at the lower categories of this sport. To be precise, at beginner, children, young or junior teams, in other words at those born between 1996 and 2006 for this edition. Its epicenter is the Granollers Palau Olímpic, but some games will also be played in other nearby localities. To understand the magnitude of the tournament, we can just quote last year’s figures: 375 participating teams, with over 5 400 players on the courts and more than 1 150 games played. And almost  35 000 goals!

Male and female teams from all around the globe participate in this championship since clubs from any continent can enter the competition. Thanks to this, on the court, in the stands and in the city of Granollers, you can see a beautiful mix of cultures and nationalities during the five days of the tournament.

On top of being a springboard on a sports level, the Granollers Cup 2017 is also quite an experience for its participants: coaches, technical staff and above all, for the players. One week far from home, living together with teammates and opponents helps teach the values of sport, shows them a different culture and helps them become more independent.

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But the Granollers Cup is not only for younger people, it is also for the general public and for anyone who loves this sport. It is a unique opportunity to discover new talents or to simply enjoy the passion each player displays on the court. Without a doubt,it is the perfect complement to a handball season which is not just limited to the the weekly games of the BM Granollers. Other competitions are also organized such as the city of Granollers International Tournament during the preseason and the Mini Handball tournament aimed at very young children.

Granollers Cup 2017 – Program

The Granollers Cup 2017 competition will start on thursday, June 29th with the group matches phase, which will go on for a few days until July 1st. Regarding matches, sunday, July 2nd will be the big day since it is when all the categories will compete in the final phases. On top of the official competition, other games are scheduled, such as las Estrellas game (“cadetes”, 15/16 yrs old and “juveniles”, 17/18 yrs old) on June 30th and the coaches game, on July 1st.

As for activities not related to sports,the program is also full of offers. The opening ceremony is one of the highlights of the tournament, since it is when all the teams take part in a parade just like in a real Olympic ceremony. And inevitably, la Porxada will be the heart of the events, and will exhibit spectacular colours for the occasion. The closing ceremony, on the other hand, will mainly take place at Granollers Palau Olímpic, where the highlight will be the awarding of trophies and medals. On top of that, some events will be organized for all participants and assistants, with among other things, the nightclub.

Accommodation and tourism

Granollers Cup 2017 goal


The Granollers Cup 2017 is also a great opportunity to discover the Vallès Oriental region. For example, Granollers, the host city, which will be all dressed up for the occasion. The above-mentioned Porxada, a unique  example of Renaissance porches, or the route which follows the medieval ruins in the city center are some of the options on offer.


But you can also take this opportunity to visit places such as Montmelò or Mollet del Vallès, which are just a few kilometers from here. Other places of interest are La Roca Village, a shopping center which is a reference for shopping, and Montseny Natural Park, the large green area of the region.


As for accommodation, the Hotel Augusta Barcelona Vallès stands out as one of the best options for the assistants who come to the tournament individually. Not far from Granollers and well connected to it by road (bus, car and  taxi), our hotel offers different rooms with additional facilities you can use before or after the competition, such as a pool, a restaurant and a gym.

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