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Festival de la Velocidad de Barcelona 2017

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Do you like speed and motors? If you do, you will love the Festival de la Velocidad de Barcelona 2017. The dates on which this event will be held are the 29th and 30th of September and the 1st of October 2017. And in order to enjoy it, you can stay at the Augusta Barcelona Vallés hotel, one of the benchmarks for all those who attend events at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. In this article, it is explained what this festival, which takes place for the first time in Barcelona, consists of as well as specific information about tickets and programme.

What is the Festival de la Velocidad de Barcelona 2017?

The Festival de la Velocidad de Barcelona 2017 is an event that will be held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on the indicated dates and will represent an unavoidable meeting for the lovers of motors, specifically, the fans of GT vehicles and what is commonly known as ‘tuning’.

During the last days of September and and the first of October, up to nine different competitions and more than twenty free test will take place, filling the circuit track with colours and a very special motor roar.

But in addition to the competition on the track, the Festival de la Velocidad de Barcelona 2017 is advertised as an event for all types of people, which you can go to with your family and friends. In fact, the organization will set up a village where the youngsters will enjoy activities, with a Green Indoor Park and where the fans of this kind of vehicles will be able to purchase merchandising products.

Festival Programme and Tickets

The planned programme for the Festival de la Velocidad de Barcelona 2017 is very strong regarding the competition.Therefore, it is expected that there will be vehicles on the track from 9:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening. In total, it is calculated that there will be more than 150 cars and more than 300 drivers in contest. In order to get more details about the training and racing official programme, you can click on this link.

One of the biggest attractions of the Festival de la Velocidad de Barcelona 2017 are the ‘Blancpain GT Series’ tests, in two different categories: The Endurance Cup and the Sports Club. Rolling to a frenetic rhythm on the pavement of the Circuit de Montjuic, there will be cars that the fans will easily recognize: Ferrari 458 Italia, Bentley Continental GT, Audi R8 LMS or BMW M6 GT3, among others. There will also be big attractions on GT4, for example with the Porsche Cayman Clubsport.

The tickets can be bought at the ticket window as well as in advance. In the second way, the price is up to 50% lower: 12 euros at the ticket window and 6 euros if you buy it in advance on any of our online points of sale. For more information on this subject, you can visit the section Tickets.

Mod-a-s Car Show, the Tuning Paradise.

Beyond the competition, attending the Festival de la Velocidad de Barcelona 2017 has got another big draw: looking closely, touching and even getting on the most spectacular sports cars. The Mod-a-s Car Show is designed as a great room that will be used as a meeting place between fans and cars generically named ‘tuning.

And if you have a vehicle that meets the characteristics demanded by the organization, you can take part in the festival on it. STANCE, AIR, LOW, JDM, PERFORMANCE, MODIFIED… these are some of the categories encompassed by the event, as well as VAG, OFFSET, and OEM.

Moreover, taking part in this meeting gives you the right to benefit from the services of the festival: you will be able to attend the races or enjoy the activities of the village, where there will also be music, raffles, and much more. For more information or registrations you can visit this website or contact the organization.

Accommodation during the Festival de la Velocidad de Barcelona 2017

As in any event celebrated in the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, the Augusta Barcelona Vallés Hotel is shown as the best option for accommodation. In fact, our facilities are located on the other side of the motorway, so you will get to any access zone of the circuit in less than five minutes.

If you are going to participate in the Mod-a-s Car Show meeting mentioned above, you will find another advantage of booking a room in our hotel: we have a private and video surveilled car parking where your spectacular car will be safe at all times. For more details on this service, you can contact us and we will give you information about it.

And of course, you will be able to enjoy all the hotel services and facilities, such as the gym and meeting rooms, which might be useful for clubs or technical staff that take part in the Festival de la Velocidad de Barcelona 2017 and need to hold meetings before and after the competition.

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