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Festa Major in Montornès 2017

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The countdown for the Montornés Festa Major is about to finish. As in every year, the great festivities of this Western Vallés town is celebrated around the third weekend of September, so the big days are Friday 15th, Saturday 16th, and Sunday 17th. In this post, we go over the main suggestions and major activities that, of course, will not miss out on the meeting, such as la Dansa de la Batalla.

Central Themes of the Montornés Festa Major

One of the main focuses of the 2017 Montornés del Vallés Festa Major is José Corbacho. The actor, a native person from L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, will attend the festivities twice over. On the first occasion, on Friday, September 15th, since it has been the day chosen by the City Council to declare the traditional announcement of the festivities. And on the second occasion, since on Sunday 17th, he will be performing his current show: ‘Corbacho 5.0,’ which will take place at 22h00 at la Plaça Pau Picasso.

Festa major montornes 2017 corbacho

Another central theme of the Montornés Festa Major is Mojinos Escozios. The band, which originated in the neighbouring Mollet del Vallés, will perform a show on Friday night in the concert area, which is located in the car park of the Complex Esportiu Les Vernedes. The hard rock  and heavy metal with a touch of irony group is led by ‘El Sevilla’ and has all the markings of a spectacle full of energy and fun, performing live their last work: ‘Maduritos y Resultones’

There is also a space in the concert programme for Hotel Cochambre, a real classic from the Patron Saint festivities in Catalonia. This version group performs the big hits of the moment, without first adding a dose of humour in their performances. It will take place on Saturday, September 16th, in the car park of the Complex Esportiu Les Vernedes, too.

In addition to these top billings, Montornés will also welcome other groups and sounds, such as Topacios, a punk-rock band in Spanish, or Comando Guataque, a group of local DJs. On the other hand, at La Carpa Polivalent El Sorralet, very different styles will sound, such as boogie-woogie, and others aimed at our elderly community.

Main events of the Montornés Festa Major

In the programme of the Montornés Festa Major, the three major events characteristic of this festivity will not be missed: la Cremada, el Correfoc and la Dansa de la Batalla. La Cremada de l’Ayuntament is about a firework and musical spectacle just in front of the Casa Consistorial, the seat of the local government, looking like there is a big  fire in the building.

El Correfoc is another of the favourite firework suggestions of the locals and visitors in general. It is about a night tour through the most central streets of the town where people dressed up as devils throw firecrackers, lighting up the festive night of the town. Its final stop is, of course, la Plaça Pau Picasso.

The third one of these traditional events is la Dansa de la Batalla, an original dance that puts two local giants face to face: Pere Anton de Rocacrespa and Bartomeu Sala.

festa major de montornes 2017 gegants

Curiously enough, it is a dance of war in which one of the two loses and it is always the same: Pere Anton de Rocacrespa, but instead of falling on the ground, a crowd of his colla gegantera before flatting on his face against the ground.

Of course, the collas also play an important role at la Festa Major de Montornés, since they are in charge of living up the party. Plus, other local associations, which are very involved in the celebrations, collaborate with it. This is the case of L’Associació Fotogràfrica, which organizes el Guateque ‘I will survive’ at el Patio de la Lira. L’Esplai Panda, la Penya Pere Anton or los Educadores del Llar d’Infants are other examples of this.

For more details on the festival programme, you can check this website of Montornés del Vallés Council , where they update information and will publish the confirmed schedules of all of the events. You will also be able to check the festival billboard, whose drawing will be on the shirts for sale during this festive weekend.

Accommodation during La Festa

If you are coming from outside Montornés and you want to stay in a nearby place to enjoy la Festa Major, The Augusta Barcelona Vallés Hotel is a very good option for this. Even though we are located in the village of Vilanova del Vallés, the distance that separate us from the places where la Festa will take place is just 4 kilometres. In terms of time, it is just 5 minutes away on a private car or either by cab.

Only at the Augusta Barcelona Vallés Hotel you will enjoy, among other things, an outdoor pool, spectacular views of the surroundings, a gym in our facilities and a private car park for our clients.

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