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In the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit, not all are motorcycles and Formulas 1 Grand Prix. There are also a lot of other events at which you can attend as a public audience, such as motorsport competitions at local or amateur level. But furthermore, there are a lot of other proposals of which ones you also can be main character. This is an article about activities in Montmeló in which we show you some of the options, from drive a Ferrari to have a guided visit. And we remind you the Augusta Barcelona Vallés Hotel, located at less than five minutes from the circuit, is one of the favourite hosting option for those who go to this place.

Activities in Montmeló related to driving

In the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit you do not only see how the other pilots drive but you also can take the control of a vehicle or a motorbike. For instance, through the GT Driving Experience, in which any driver can drive sport cars of manufacturers such as Ferrari or Lamborghini.

The same happens on two wheels: the group of motorcycles of at least 125 cc also make part of this activities catalogue in Montmeló. And on a smaller scale, the karts have their own circuit, open to all kind of groups from 20 people.

But not all of the activities in Montmeló are competitive ones: some of them are for learning. For instance, the RACC sessions, with which you can learn specific aspects of driving. In these ones, the participants learn how to drive off-road in borderline situations or to drive a vehicle with the eyes blindfolded, using only their colleagues’ instructions. Another of the tests organized by this association is the Clío Loco, in which the drivers learn how to skid in a very funny way.

Another spectacular proposal is the Formula 1 simulator, with which you can have the emotions of a single-seater but with the safety of being doing this only in a virtual way.

And the lovers of road-cycling can also hop on a bike to roll on this circuit. Concretely, on Tuesday and Thursday, the days the Bicircuit organizes sessions for runners that prefer pedalling than press accelerator. A different experience in a unique and safe environment.

actividades en montmelo driving

Activities to discover the circuit

The Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit is one of the most prestigious and historic motor sport area of the world, that is why one of the possible activities in Montmeló is having a guided tour. Some roads through the ins and outs of its facilities that take place several times a month and that will take you through very symbolic places such the paddock, the podium, the press room, the boxes and many others.

Other guided visits that offers the circuit are the ones that you have in segway, a two wheels electrical vehicle with high stability. On it, the participant moves around the areas that only have access the commissioners, the ambulances and the press during the races.

And for seeing the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit from a really privileged place, nothing better than get on an helicopter and take a panoramic flight over the facilities. A bird’s eyes view vision to discover the vastness of this circuit and contemplate the environment in which it is located: the region of the Vallés Oriental.

Activities in Montmeló as incentive

The Circuit can offer all of these experiences and many more as part of a package of incentive activities for companies. An interesting proposal to reward workers of a big company or to promote the employees union through teambuilding.

In these cases, the organisation provides to the groups all kinds of resources for them to enjoy the incentive activity to the maximum. For example, providing a service of rental of furniture and carpets within the facilities, catering service for the participants, hostess services to support and protocol tasks or audiovisual services to cover the event, such as photographers or recording teams.

For further information about these activities in Montmeló, you can visit the official website of the circuit, where there is also a widened available dossier with all these proposals. 

Your stay, in the Augusta Barcelona Vallés Hotel

However, the best staying option is located right at the other way of the AP-7 motorway: the Augusta Barcelona Vallés Hotel is at two or three minutes from the entrance to the circuit, very used by those who go to this area of Montmeló. We have a video monitored parking in which those who go to the Circuit by this mode of transport can park their vehicles or motorcycles.

In addition, in our hotel we have large rooms in which you can organize meetings, perfect for groups who need this type of spaces as complement to the activities in Montmeló.

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