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2017 summer buffet: a pleasure for your senses

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If you are a good gastronomy lover, you will be interested in discovering the news we prepared especially for the holidays season for our clients enjoy the best in our 2017 summer buffet dinner.

In the Augusta Barcelona Vallès hotel, we take very seriously our clients opinions, always looking for improving so as to make them be pleased and spend an unforgettable stay. That is why in our buffet you can find a wide gastronomic offer that, as well as adapt to suit anyone’s taste, will conquest each of your five senses.

Enjoy the best summer buffet in the Augusta Barcelona Vallès Hotel

In our dinners we offer a wide variety of the best recipes of our Mediterranean cooking, famous worldwide for being one of the most complete and healthy: meats and fishes, rice, pastas, vegetables… Because in our hotel we do not forget to also satisfy at the most demanding vegetarians.

In addition, in our living kitchen a chef will prepare you a at the moment freshly made good fish, meat or vegetables grilled on the barbeque. And from our restaurant you can make your dinners be an authentic gastronomic experience. Pay attention to some of the aliments we prepared especially for you in our 2017 summer dinner buffet:

In addition of two types of different breads, a fine selection of cheeses -such as manchego, curado, tierno, brie…- and Catalan sausages, we also offer a broad variety of starters to our clients: two cold starters -among which you can find, according to the day, appetizers such as salad, salad of pastas or salad “à la carte”-, and two hot ones, which we are going to vary from day to day among ones our spectacular tempura shrimps with wok recipe, focaccia, vegetable gratin or croquettes, among other varieties.

We also offer two cereal-based foods for children or for the ones who need an additional energy will during their summer nights: a dish of pasta that will vary according to the day between cannelloni, macaroni, noodles… with different sauces to accompany, and also the variety of rice or fideua that we prepare sometimes especially for some events.

In the dinners of our 2017 summer buffet, the meat lovers will be lucky, since our chef will prepare you what you want instantly among the different specialties we offer: such as chicken brochettes, secreto, churrasco, hamburgers -chicken or beef-… for you to enjoy the special savour of a freshly made meat to your taste.

For the lovers of the healthy life and for those who do not want to eat too many calories during the night, can chose between some of our seasonal creams such as the gazpacho or the melon cream, create salad “à la carte” -we have different types of lettuces and vegetables such as tomato, carrot or   sugar beet, and egg, tuna or corn-, or enjoy the excellent fresh fishes – sea bream or sea bass- cooked at the barbeque and accompanied by grilled potatoes or vegetables.


In the Augusta Barcelona Vallès hotel, we know that no food can be considered as completed without enjoying a dessert. That is why every night we offer: two varieties of different pies, two varieties of seasonal cut fruits, a delicious dessert and an ice cream selection to chose.

Only for a limited time, you can enjoy the best gastronomy at a reduced price. The rates to enjoy the dinners that our 2017 summer buffet offers are 20 Euros for adults and 12 Euros for children until 12 years old. These prices are available from the 24 of July to the 27 of August. And this is not all, since during the day and from Monday to Friday, you also can enjoy our incredible weekly menu for only 18 Euros, and during the weekends for only 25 Euros. All our prices are VAT included.

Enjoy this exclusive offer to our 2017 summer dinner buffet and enjoy the best holidays in the Augusta Barcelona Vallès hotel. 

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