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Festa Major de Granollers

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The Festa Major de Granollers as is traditional, will take place the last weekend nearest the last Thursday in August. That means, from the 26th of August to the 3rd of September of 2017. And like at each edition, the program of the events and activities is very rich. In this article, we present you the more relevant things, we give you access to the official program of the celebration and we offer you a hosting proposal for these days: the Augusta Barcelona Vallés Hotel.

The Festa Major de Granollers, a very festive rivalry

The highlight of the Festa Major de Granollers is the rivalry between human tours: the Blancs and the Blaus, meaning the Whites and the Blues. But unlike for other rivalries, they only compete to become the most entertainer team of the celebration and, consequently, the greatest beneficiaries are all the attending people.

The origin comes from 1897: a local masons competition, El Rayo and l’hereu Maynou, who challenged to see who put more bricks in one hour. So original challenge brought a lot of fans of one and another band, wearing the colours that already became the classics of the Festa Major de Granollers. But the most original aspect of everything is, after the meagre victory of the blues, all the participants forgot rivalries and shared a great snack in the street.

This rivalry, which arrived until nowadays, does not settle with bricks anymore, but with a lot of “weapon of wide destruction”, as call the organization people: water, clay, music… and imagination, a lot of imagination.


Program of the celebrations

We already know the official program of the Festa Major de Granollers, that comes full of proposals appropriate for all ages. The children can enjoy an aquatic battle on Saturday 26th at 04:00 pm in the Plaça de Can Trullàs, a giants game on Sunday 27th at 11:00 am in the Plaça de la Corona, a cercavila, (a parade) on Tuesday 29th in the Plaça de la Corona at 06:00 pm, a correfoc in the Plaça de la Porxada on Wednesday 30th at 09:30 pm or an aquatic toboggan in the Carrer de l’Equador on Sunday 3rd in the morning, among other options.


In the field of games and sports, you can participate in Catalan bowling or bitlles catalanes competitions and there will be a popular and social bike race, in both cases on Sunday 27th from 10:00 am. Table soccer, domino and chess are other games that cannot miss during these fiestas, and will take place the Friday 1st from 11:00 am in the Plaça de la Corona.


In respect of music and concerts, different squares will have stages and performance of different styles. The Plaça de la Porxada, the Plaça de Maluquer i Salvador or the Plaça de l’Església are some corners of the centre which will fill of swing during the night.

Of course, the lovers of the good food also have a lot of reasons to approach the Festa Major de Granollers, since in addition of the classical ones will aggregate very popular gastronomic events. For example, a white botifarrada on Saturday 2nd at 02:00 pm in the Parc de Torras Vilá or a Vernouth afrotarat tasting on Thursday 31th at 12:00 am in the same Parc de Torras Vilá.

The activities proposal is richer precisely on this Thursday 31st, the big day of the Festa Major de Granollers. Correfoc in the Correfoc at 09:30 pm and a long etcetera of proposals that makes it impossible to be bored.

And as crowning moment of the fiestas, the traditional Baile del Dragón in the Plaça de la Porxada, Saturday 2nd at 22:00 pm.    


Festa Major de Granollers - Plano


If you want to discover in details the official program of the fiestas, download it here.

Where staying during the Festa Major de Granollers

Given the large number of centrical places that will be affected by the Festa Major de Granollers, an option for the visitors is staying in other hotels near the city, such as the Augusta Barcelona Vallés. Our building is in the Vilanova del Vallés neighbour, but connected to Granollers through the public transportation, with the 596 line bus. By car or taxi, the distance is even shorter, since only 10 minutes separate us from the centric place such as Granollers Centre station.

Come closer to discover Granollers, the Vallés Oriental capital, in the high point of the year and reserve your room in our hotel, where you can enjoy swimming pool, own restaurant and other commodities, such as gym.


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