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What to do in Mollet del Vallés

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At only 9 kilometres distance from our hotel – only 5 minutes by car – you can find Mollet del Vallés, a municipality situated in the region of the Vallés Oriental, which interior houses various elements of cultural interest for its visitors, mainly in the art and historical areas.

If you are interested by knowing what to do in Vallés Oriental, here we show you what are the most interesting touristic points:

Mollet del Vallés Menhir

menhir Mollet Mollet del Vallés

When the Parc de les Pruneres was being built there in 2009 appeared, at 10 meters deep, this megalithic monument of the end of the Neolithic age (between 3300 and 2500 before Christ). With almost 5 meters high and 70 centimetres wide and a weight which is about 6 tones, it is an anthropomorphic form menhir that you need to see in Mollet del Vallés. Currently, you can contemplate this sculpture in the Abellò Museum.

Abelló Museum

Museo Abello Mollet del Vallés

It is an obligated visit for any art lover since, in addition of hosting the Menhir de Mollet, the Abelló Museum is the main picture gallery of the municipality. With more than 10.000 works of arts hosted inside it, this museum owes its name to Joan Abellò, an outstanding painter of Mollet of the 20th century. Although Abelló appears as the main artist of the museum, it also hosts other great painters works of art as well famous as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí or Joan Miró, among many others.

San Vicente parochial church

parroquia s vicenç Mollet del Vallés

It is likely that this church is the most emblematic element for the Mollet habitants. This Roman construction had to be rebuilt because of the bombings it suffered during the Civil War. In fact, the only part that survived was the base of the belfry, as one can see differences in the stone blocks textures, achieving a curious result you can appreciate from some different points of the municipality included.

Parc dels Colors

parc dels colors mollet del vallés


This is one of the most famous urban parks of the city, as well for its originality as for its significant architecture value. Although, it was designed by one of the most prestigious architects of the 20th century: Enric Miralles, who also oversaw the design of such important buildings as the Scottish Parliament of Edinburg.

Isern Museum of motorcycle

Mudeo isern de la moto Mollet del Valles

The sport and motorcycling lovers will not want to lose the opportunity of knowing the Museo Isern de la Moto. Situated in the fifth floor of the Isern Building, you can find dozens of exhibited bikes of brands like Bultaco, Ducati, OSSA or Moto Guzzi, with the ones aim at undertaking an overview of the history of the brands coming from the municipality – Derbi and Ducson-, together with pictures, trophies and all type of materials connected with motorcycling.

Gallecs natural park

Paraje Natural de Gallecs. Mollet del Vallés

This beautiful natural spot that you can find in the Mollet del Vallés centre outskirts, combines ecological agriculture with a place for promoting environmental education. In addition, inside, you can find different many interesting buildings such as the Santa María de Gallecs church, which one was built in the twelfth century and later restored in the twentieth century.

Other things to do in Mollet del Vallés

Other interesting places to visit in Mollet del Vallés are the Can Gomá – today the site of the Municipal Theatre and the Municipal School of Music -, the Armadó pharmacy -which neo-Gothic portals will surprise the art and architecture lovers-, the Antigua Casa de la Villa -which one has an enormous Joan Abellò painting-. And if you are interested in the painter, you also can admire his sculpture in the same square that bears his name.

But this is not all there is to it, since there are other things you can do in Mollet del Vallés, like visiting the two main squares and meeting points of the habitants. We are talking about the Plaça Major, – a big square where you can find a green field – and the Plaça Prat de la Riba, which has a beautiful modernist fountain in the central part.

This “to-do” list of Mollet del Vallés will allow you to know more about this city so full of art and history. But, beyond visiting its most touristic areas, we recommend you enter it to lose yourself in its streets, know its people and its customs to discover all its charm. So, what are you waiting for visiting it?


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