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2017 International GT Open in Barcelona: Races come back!

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The 2017 International GT Open is facing its final, which conducts it directly to the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit, track in which will happen the last event of this great car racing competition. It will happen on the 28th and 29th of October weekend, although the motors will also thunder on Friday 27th, as we will see. And the Augusta Barcelona Vallés Hotel is prepared for it, with rooms for participants and fans that want to enjoy this show in the first person. On the following lines, we explain you what exactly is this car racing competition, what is expected of this event that will be celebrated on the Montmeló Circuit and other practical information for the audience.

What is the 2017 International GT Open?

The 2017 International GT Open is a great event dedicated to motor cars, concretely to the GT or Gran Turismo, that is characterized by organizing Pro-Arm competitions, that is to say, in the ones which combine the professional and amateur levels. This year is the 12th edition and has a European implementation, which makes it a classic championship for many fans.

Some data provided by the organization speaks in explicit terms about the significance of this 2017 International GT Open: 11 represented manufacturers, more than 2.500 hours of television broadcasts in the five continents and an average value of 60 million euros. A real show materialised in fascinating vehicles such as Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Corvette, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, McLaren, Nissan, Porsche, Radical and more besides.

The circuits that make part of these events are always historical tracks, usual in the Formula 1, which contributes to its prestige. Concretely, in 2017 the participating circuits were Estoril (Portugal), Spa (Belgium), Paul Ricard (France), Hungaroring (Hungary), Silverstone (United Kingdom), Monza (Italy) and, finally, Montmeló’s one.

And to show the magic of this competition, the organization created the Web TV, a Youtube channel in which are broadcasted the races and the videos related with them.

international gt open 2017 montmelo

The Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit does not miss its appointment

Because of the show provided on each curve, the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit did not want to miss its appointment with the 2017 International GT Open, like it is used to make in the previous editions. Home of Moto GP and Formula 1 Grand Prix, and epicentre of important events at national and international levels, this circuit is supposed to be the greatest season end possible for this competition.

The format that will be used on this weekend is the usual one. That is to say:

  • On Friday 27th of October will be celebrated a double session of free trainings, of 60 minutes each one, like the Bronze Pilots session, that takes place after.
  • On Saturday 28th of October will take place a qualifying session of 40 minutes and the Race 1, with duration of 70 minutes
  • On Sunday 29th will happen another qualifying session of 40 minutes, in this case for the Race 2, that will happen after and lasts 60 minutes.

Tickets, how to arrive and where to stay

The good news for the fans of the 2017 International GT Open is that the entrance is free, for all audiences, families with children included, get closer to enjoy the speed adrenalin.

To arrive, the Catalunya-Barcelona Circuit offers four great options. By car, the motorways that come to here are the C-17 (Montmeló exit) but, especially, the AP-7 (exit 13,14 or 15), that also passes near the Augusta Barcelona Vallés Hotel, as specified below. It is the most comfortable option, since the circuit also has parking for anyone who comes with his personal vehicle. By bus, the 416 line is the most convenient option, although the distance to be covered is about 15 minutes walking stopping at Ctra. De Vic – Mossén Cinto Verdaguer. For those coming by train, the line for going to this circuit is the R2 one, with stop in Montmeló, although it is ideal to take a taxi after, from the station, since the walk is 45 minutes. The same happens with those who come by AVE, who should change train in Barcelona Sants.

And for hosting, the Augusta Barcelona Vallés Hotel is one of the best located ones: we are located at less than 5 minutes by car, motorcycle and taxi from the circuit, since the AP-7 motorway is the only separation. You also can go by bike from our facilities, that highlight for their multiples services. For instance, a video monitored parking where you can safety leave your vehicle. A gym and large meeting rooms for technic teams are other strong points of our hotel.

Book your bedroom or your room with us and have the experience in the first person of the 2017 International GT Open show.

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