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Vibrant Motorfest in Barcelona: Experience the Thrill of Pirelli Catalunya Round 2024

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Welcome motor enthusiasts! This year, the FIM World Superbike Championship returns to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for the eagerly awaited Pirelli Catalunya Round, being part of the exciting Superbikes Barcelona Motorfest. In its fifth consecutive year in these lands, the event has evolved, offering a renewed and enhanced experience for all superbike lovers.

The Everlasting Excitement, in a New Setting

This year, the action will unfold in a renewed setting, providing a unique experience for two-wheeled enthusiasts. The Superbikes Barcelona Motorfest promises three days of pure excitement, merging speed and skill with a wide range of leisure and entertainment options for the whole family. From the 22nd to the 24th of March, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya will transform into the epicenter of a grand motor celebration you won’t want to miss.

Categories and Offerings for Fans

The event will feature the Superbike, Supersport, and Supersport 300 categories, where modified production bikes will compete for glory on the track. Beyond the races, the paddock will be filled with offerings for fans, providing access to podiums, interviews with riders, and many more surprises. The passion for the world of motorbikes will be palpable in every corner.

Accommodation at the Heart of the Excitement

If you’re planning to fully immerse yourself in this unique experience, Hotel Augusta Valles is the perfect choice for your stay. Strategically located near the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, our hotel offers not only comfort and elegance but also the convenience of being just minutes away from the epicenter of the Superbikes Barcelona Motorfest.

For Future Events at the Circuit: Book in Advance and Be Part of the Excitement

Although we no longer have availability for this event at Hotel Augusta Valles, we invite you to plan in advance for future events at the Circuit. Be part of a day filled with adrenaline on the track, then relax in our first-class facilities, recharging for another exciting day. Book in advance and secure your spot on this thrilling journey full of passion for superbikes! 🏍️🏨 #MotorfestBarcelona #PirelliCatalunyaRound #HotelAugustaValles #PassionForSuperbikes

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