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Explore the fascinating Industrial Tourism Network: An adventure in the heart of Catalonia

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Immerse yourself in a unique experience that combines history, innovation, and discovery: the Industrial Tourism Network. From the Hotel Augusta Vallès, we encourage you to embark on an exciting journey through Catalonia’s most iconic industrial sites, where you can firsthand discover the secrets behind the manufacturing and production processes in the region.

Discover the Industrial Tourism Network

The Industrial Tourism Network is a network of industrial sites that open their doors to the public, offering a variety of guided tours, practical workshops, and interactive activities for all ages. From historical factories to modern facilities, this network offers you the opportunity to explore Catalonia’s industrial heritage in a unique and exciting way.

How to book your experience in the Industrial Tourism Network

To book your experience in the Industrial Tourism Network, simply visit their official website or contact the nearest visitor center. There you will find detailed information about the different available sites to visit, as well as opening hours, prices, and booking options.

Immerse yourself in history and technology

During your visit to the Industrial Tourism Network, you will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of sites, each with its own history and unique focus. From ancient textile factories to salt mines and power plants, each site offers a fascinating insight into Catalonia’s industrial evolution over the centuries.

Complete your adventure with a stay at the Hotel Augusta Vallès

After a day exploring the Industrial Tourism Network, return to the Hotel Augusta Vallès to relax and unwind in a luxurious and comfortable environment. Our hotel offers stylish rooms, excellent services, and a convenient location, making it the perfect accommodation to complement your industrial experience.

Book your stay at the Hotel Augusta Vallès

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, the Hotel Augusta Vallès provides a perfect base to explore the Industrial Tourism Network and everything the region has to offer. Book your stay with us today and discover Catalonia’s industrial secrets in a setting of luxury and comfort!

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