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Hotel Augusta Vallès, even more sustainable. We are committed to solar energy

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In Hotel Augusta Vallès, we have always known that if you want to preserve something and make it last, you must look after it well. Our location, surrounded by nature, makes us even more aware and committed to protecting the planet’s health and preserving the environment. This is the only way that future generations will be able to enjoy surroundings as green as what we have now.


Therefore, one of our latest actions in favour of sustainability has been to materialise our commitment to solar energy by having 130 Perc+ Inversor Fronius Tauro solar panels installed in the hotel by the company Four Elements. These 650m2 of panels that generate up to 70,038KW/h of energy per year and save 28.78 tons of CO2.


Why choose solar energy?

It is simple; we asked ourselves: As Spain is one of the sunniest countries in Europe, why not take advantage of clean solar energy to illuminate and make things work indoors as well?


In 2022, we surpassed the tremendous figure of 420 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the highest level since measurements began 64 years ago. Augusta does not want to contribute to the increase of this figure by using fossil fuels to generate electricity when there are alternatives less harmful for the environment.


By installing solar panels, we are reducing our carbon footprint and obtaining energy without polluting or harming the planet. Moreover, this type of energy, in contrast to other renewable energy sources, does not require the constant extraction of materials for its production (it comes from the sun), making it an investment that is easy to amortise and is also abundant.


This commitment to solar energy is an addition to our concern for sustainability that is certified in our Biosphere certification for sustainable tourism, granted to Hotel Augusta and renewed in 2022.


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