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Walking trails in Barcelona

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Although at international level, Barcelona is mainly associated with sea and beach, our province hides a beautiful secret which is not that unknown for Barcelona’s own inhabitants: the charm of its natural spaces, in which you can enjoy a high-quality trekking. That is why, in this post we indicate you some walking trails in Barcelona, to which you can go if you stay at our hotel and easily find information on Internet.

Montserrat, a very ‘walkable’ jewel

If we join the terms tourism and hiking, the major interest place is probably the Parque Natural de Montserrat. The itineraries here do not only have the charm of nature, symbolized through the waters of its summits and its beautiful mixture of holm-oaks, oak trees, yews. Its attractiveness also resides in the fact that many itineraries of the park have as a beginning or an ending the famous sanctuary, where rests the patron saint of Catalonia: la Vírgen de Montserrat. A good example of it is the itinerary Santuario-Sant Jeroni, that arrives until the highest peak of the massif, at a height of 1.236 meters, and passes through very symbolic places such as the escaleras de los Pobres (Poor stairs). In total, almost 3 hours and a half, but you can reduce this time using the Sant Joan cable car

Montseny, the region green lung

Some of the most spectacular walking trails in Barcelona are situated, of course, in the Parque Natural del Montseny. It does not only represent a big green lung of the province, but also the oldest natural park of Catalonia. In addition, it is a Biosphere reserve, according to UNESCO declaration in 1978, and a very interesting place for the diversity of its ecosystems: the Mediterranean, the Euro Siberian and the boreoalpine. And in addition of all of this, a part of the park is situated in the Vallés Oriental, the region of the Augusta Barcelona Vallés Hotel. That is why you can arrive to many itineraries in less than an hour.

The Monseny Natural Park has long-distance, short-distance or circular trails. From the department of tourism of the park, they recommend different option such hikes around the Turó de l’Home (the highest mountain of the park, at a height of 1.708 meters), through the Riera de Arbúcies or the Romanesque hermitage of Sant Martí. Another option, in this case for the most demanding ones, is Els Tres Monts, a big hike of 106 km that includes MontsenySant Llorenç de Munt i l’Obac and Montserrat and that you can go in six steps.

rutas de senderismo en barcelona calzado

Walking trails in Barcelona city

A fact that many tourists may do not know is that there are a lot of walking trails in Barcelona, a few minutes from the Sagrada Familia, the gothic quarter or the Ramblas. The majority are situated in the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Collserola, the big lung situated in the city, with more than 8.000 hectares. Some of the options are Puig de la Madrona, Turó de Magarola, Sant Pere Martir or Puig d’Olorda, covering all difficulty levels and from 2,5 to 19 km long.

However, the probably most famous of these walking trails in Barcelona is the one of del Les Fonts de Collserola. The reasons: its great facility, suitable for any kind of hikers and its proximity to the city, since you can start it from the neighbourhood de Horta, near the Palau de les Heures. However, there are many options, with very different lengths. A good itinerary can be the one going through Font de la Marquesa, Font de Rossinyol, Font Nova de Can Catà, Font de Can Lloses, Font de les Heures, Font de Can Ferrer or Font de la Muguera, among others.

Other walking trails in Barcelona’s province

The one of Sant Miquel del Fai is certainly one of the best walking trails in Barcelona’s province. This kind of space that combines history, art and nature, that the Delegation recently bought to allow the free access for the hikers. The most popular trekking itinerary is the one starting in Riells del Fai and ending in the monastery, a 6 km longer distance that can be walked in less than an hour. From the Augusta Barcelona Vallés Hotel, you will arrive in only 45 minutes.

And if your priority is the proximity to our hotel, in our immediate environment we also have spaces in which you can easily walk in nature. Shorter, with smaller drop but with the advantage of being easier to do. One example is the Espai Rural de Gallecs, situated in the Mollet del Vallés neighborhood, where there are walking trails combining nature and ecological agriculture.

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