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Routes on foot or on wheels along Vallés for nature lovers

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The arrival of spring is a reason to be happy for nature lovers and for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. The milder climate and the gradually lengthening daylight hours allow you to take advantage of the time to get lost along the many paths of the Vallés Oriental area. Thus, it is a great time to discover the natural sights near Hotel Augusta Vallès.

Whether you prefer walking, moving with a bicycle or following a route by car, the Vallés area has several interesting proposals to offer you. You choose the how and when. We give you some ideas of places in our territory where you can organize your route and check that, indeed, there is nothing like the Vallés! Do you join us?


A prehistoric walkthrough with the family: Archaeological Zone of Céllecs

Between La Roca del Vallès and Vilanova del Vallès you can find the so-called Archaeological Zone of Céllecs. Routes full of history can be made between different megalithic sites such as dolmens and other rocks with curious shapes that date from the end of the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. This plan is suitable for the whole family!

There are two possible routes: Prehistoric Route I (4.3km), which goes from Can Gol to the top of Turó de Céllecs hill where you will find the remains of an Iberian settlement and some spectacular views over the Vallés and Maresme regions. On the other hand, Prehistoric Route II (5.7km) goes from Can Planas to Sant Bartomeu de Cabanyes hermitage and connects with Route I


Source: Diputació de Barcelona

Biking through the Protected Rural Area of Gallecs

The Rural Area of Gallecs is located close to us, between Mollet and Parets del Vallès, and its attractive natural area of ​​755ha makes it one of the few areas still without buildings. Follow its different circular routes (the shortest has 2.5km) by bike or on foot while you observe how the landscape, its fauna and its flora change throughout the year.

Some interesting sights are the church of Santa Maria de Gallecs, Can Salvi wetland or Camí dels Bandolers path that will take you to a viewpoint to contemplate some beautiful views of the Vallés area.



The magic of Montseny

Montsent exudes magic at any season of the year, but especially in autumn and spring, when trees show their best colours. Wander along the trails that run through the forests of Montseny Natural Park until you reach the well-known Santa Fe del Montseny reservoir. From there, you can cross the Mulladius plain and climb to the Empedrat de Morou from where you can enjoy 360º views. On clear days, you can see the Pyrenees and the Medes Islands from there!




Sant Miquel del Fai: a monastery surrounded by waterfalls and limestone

The Cingles del Bertí mountain formation give shelter to the monastery of Sant Miquel del Fai. It is located under large limestone rocks and surrounded by a spectacular waterfall in the middle of the Tenes river valley. It is highly recommended to visit in spring. You can go there by car following the Sant Feliu de Codines road, or park in Riells del Fai and walk up the path from Riells to Sant Miquel del Fai (GR–5).

The enclosure is currently closed to the public because it is being renovated, but it is expected to reopen by the end of spring 2022. In any case, you can go to the entrance of this natural area to see the great waterfall and the views of the rocks that surround the monastery.



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