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Discover the Authentic Flavors of Vallès Oriental: A Delightful Local Experience at Hotel Augusta Vallès

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In the heart of Vallès Oriental in Barcelona, there are authentic gastronomic treasures that will enchant food lovers and enthusiasts of local, high-quality products. In this article, we invite you to embark on a culinary journey through the region, exploring some of its most notable products, such as the Cardedeu lamb, Vallès variety vera olive oil, Vallès Oriental wongetes potatoes, Vallès Oriental tomatoes, ventre d’ossos (a type of sausage), mato cheese from Caldes, and DO Alella wine. Get ready to delight your palate and discover the true essence of Vallès Oriental.

Let’s begin by talking about the Cardedeu lamb. This lamb meat is renowned for its flavor and texture, thanks to the natural feeding and free-range rearing the animals receive in the area. Cardedeu lamb can be cooked in various ways, such as grilled, oven-baked, or in stews, and it is one of the most popular dishes in the region.

Another standout product from Vallès Oriental is the Ôl de varietat vera del Vallès, a high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Made from vera and arbequina olive varieties, this oil is rich in antioxidants and has a mild and fruity flavor, perfect for use in salads, fish, meat, and other dishes.

Wongetes potatoes from Vallès Oriental are a variety of green beans typical of the area, known for their sweet flavor and crunchy texture. These beans are ideal for steaming or sautéing with garlic and olive oil.

Vallès Oriental tomatoes are another gem of local gastronomy. These tomatoes are cultivated in greenhouses and are characterized by their sweet flavor and fleshy texture. They are perfect for eating raw in salads, on tomato bread, or for cooking sauces and stews.

Ventre d’ossos is a typical sausage of the region, made from pork casing filled with minced meat, bacon, and spices. It is grilled or barbecued and served with coca bread or potatoes.

Mato cheese from Caldes is a fresh cheese made from goat or cow’s milk, known for its smooth and creamy flavor. It is perfect to eat on its own, in salads, or as an accompaniment to other dishes.

Lastly, we cannot fail to mention DO Alella wine, a white wine made from pansa blanca grapes, cultivated in the Alella area. This wine is characterized by its fresh and fruity flavor, with floral and herbaceous notes, and it pairs well with fish, seafood, and rice dishes.

In conclusion, Vallès Oriental in Barcelona is a region rich in high-quality local products that deserve to be known and enjoyed by all gastronomy enthusiasts.

Our staff will be delighted to provide you with recommendations on nearby points of interest and activities that you can enjoy in the region.

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