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Festa Major Montmeló 2017

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2017 Montmeló Festa Major

The 2017 Montmeló Festa Major will be, this year again, the great celebration of this Catalan city, situated near the Hotel Augusta Barcelona Vallés. On this occasion, it will be celebrated from the 29th of June to the 2nd of July and, like every time, will come loaded of proposals for every age: music, kid playgrounds, gastronomy, sport… and a lot of fun. In this article, we tell you the highlight of this edition and some indications on how to get there if you stay at our hotel.

What about the 2017 Montmeló Festa Major?

The 2017 Montmeló Festa Major offers a varied events diary for every publics, which official program can be consulted in the Montbeló Municipality’s website. Of course, music, shows and all kinds of performances will take place. The Plaça de la Quintana is one of the places in which there will be concerts every night, but the Jardines de la Torreta also will be the incomparable setting for other shows. The folklore, with sardanas and cantadas corales, shares the spotlight with the typical night orchestras playing today’s music. Attend these shows is free.

Of course, the kids will be the ones who more fun are going to have in the 2017 Montmeló Festa Major. They are the main target of the shows like theatre performances or puppet shows, as well in the Plaça de la Quintana as in the Jardines de la Torreta and other places. They also will have a lot of fun with the correfoc infantil, a “mini” version of the common castells de foc and correfocs for adults. And of course, the gegants parade will take place too, a classic which always has the Estació zone as the epicenter. For the oldest ones, the local DJ sessions will take place during the night and until very early in the morning.

The Municipality also enjoys the occasion to organize sports competitions, which take place in the municipal facilities, mainly in the swimming pool or in the Pavelló Poliesportiu. Indoor soccer, karate, swimming and even boules court, a very popular game in the city, especially in these festivities.

2017 Montmeló Festa Major fiesta

Another firm proposal of this 2017 Montmeló Festa Major is the gastronomy, always through recipes and popular tasting events. The butifarrada or the arrossada in the street are peak moments for the lovers of the good eating. Tapas and free snacks with other Catalan specialties are also offered.

The rivalry between collas (human towers) in the 2017 Montmeló Festa Major

One of the aspects that give meaning to the Festa Major is the rivalry between collas (human tours). In this festivity, two collas are destined to face in different tests: the one of the Melons, which is linked with the Montmeló’s name and which members dressed green, and the Creuats, in reference to the Three Crosses of the emblem of the city, who dressed in red.

During the four days of festivities, both collas compete in different tests, from adventure challenges with “humor amarillo” to tests such as water war, culinarian competitions and more besides. The last day, after reviewing every test, one of both collas is proclaimed as winner.

A rivalry, however, that only takes place on paper and with the festive spirit, since the brotherhood of both reflects in the classic collas parade that takes place during the initial Cercavila, the pregón day, including correfoc and traditional music

2017 Montmeló Festa Major correfoc

A celebration with solidary overtones

Beside all these proposals with festive spirit, ones of them highlight for their solidary spirit. In the 2017 Montmeló Festa Major, the notable example of this is the sale of blue party tissues, which you tie around the neck, printed with pictures of the city, with the sentence “ESTEM DE FESTA” (party time). The Municipality sells them 2€ and the collection will be destined to the municipal social services, such as scholarship books and scholarship dining in the city.

The sales points are the City Council, La Grua library and some of the establishments of the city. Besides, the blood donors usually seize the Festa Major to approach the issue point to donate blood.

How to attend the 2017 Montmeló Festa Major?

As we were telling, the 2017 Montmeló Festa Major will take place in various locations, all of them near the Augusta Barcelona Vallés Hotel, since although we are in Vilanova del Vallés, we are close to the limit of this city, just in the other side of the AP-7. You can get there in barely 10 minutes by car or taxi until the Plaça de la Quintana, located near the train station, and even less time at the Jardins de la Torreta zone, by the motorway or by the BP-5002, bordering Montornés del Vallés.

2017 Montmeló Festa Major programa

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