Festa Major de Mollet del Vallés

All is already planned for the Festa Major de Mollet, that this year will be celebrated from Friday 18th to Tuesday 22th of August in numerous places of this town of the Vallés Oriental. In these lines, we will explain you the main changes and some of the most highlighted events. And if you are a tourist, you can stay at Augusta Barcelona Vallés Hotel, very near Mollet and with all services, summer swimming pool included.

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What to do in Mollet del Vallés


At only 9 kilometres distance from our hotel – only 5 minutes by car – you can find Mollet del Vallés, a municipality situated in the region of the Vallés Oriental, which interior houses various elements of cultural interest for its visitors, mainly in the art and historical areas.

If you are interested by knowing what to do in Vallés Oriental, here we show you what are the most interesting touristic points:

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